Wednesday, 1 February 2012

More funny mech tech

Rough, lazy rendering. Haven't got the brain power to go in
with more detail etc. Would like to do a crisp line version eventually.


MOONEY said...

Hey Ian,

Good to see you and the gang last week, got some news also, i got that job, be around the wilmslow area again, more pub visits on the horizon! with ross back as well, be like the old band getting together again, lol.

cool mechs btw :)

see you soon

Iain said...

Cool. Look forward to it Mooney.
All's well that ends well etc.

Nick Hendriks said...

These are wicked. Like the silhouettes esp. on the last two. Make me think of some kind of invertebrate, or maybe Quasimodo.

Iain said...

Thanks for the comments. Watch this space. I will have a few more designs on this theme posted soon. Cheers.