Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A finished version of one of the earlier sketches.
Now I would like to create an appropriate logo.
His name at the moment is Tayell Spinn.


Stu Jennett said...

Tremedous work as usual fella , quite liking the fact you've just banged in a wash over the pencils , got me thinking now , hmmmm...In fact you fancy doing a dino short for me, I'm pretty rev'd after the con last weekend to finish off Dawn patrol, I've a few back up shorts that need knocking out...plus it will give me a kick up the arse.

Iain said...

Well, we all need a kick up the arse once in a while:)
The wash over pencils is a timid attempt at more colour. I'll keep at it and hopefully it should evolve into a quick rendering style.

Stu Jennett said...

Tremedous? I owe you an 'n'.

I quite like the wash effect , I find going fully painted can be time consuming , the approach you have here is really effective , I like it a lot.