Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Big Boss Character "Smasher"

Like this doodle - classic meat head shape - so I've worked on it and produced a finshed piece.
Played around with the colours in photoshop.


Stu Jennett said...

Lovely work fella , as always , lighting on the 'graphic version' is sweet!

Iain said...

Cheers Stu,
Trying to suggest Jack Kirby chrome
type of look. I'll probably create another one and play around with the
highlights some more. Ta.

MOONEY said...

love that one ian, colours are ace!

Iain said...

Cheers Mooney,
I used "overlay" as layer and sprayed 2 colours top left and bottom right. It just colours whats there and ignores the white.I think the guys that do Creature Box stuff do the same with their line work.