Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Big boss warriors


Nick Hendriks said...

Your stuff is great.
What medium do you use? Regular ol' graphite? Verathins, or something?
Regardless, A+

Iain said...

Thank you,
The pencil I use is "Prismacolor COL-ERASE Black". Animators use the blue. I use black. I find the pencil has a great shading range -lights soft shading to strong dark lines. I draw on a marker pad. The paper has a soft smooth feel which compliments the soft waxy pencil.
It's also robust enough to cope with an eraser. When I scan it in
I sometimes adjust the contrast to
blacken the line.

Nick Hendriks said...

I happen to BE an animator, and you're right: I do use the blue! I've been using the Sanford Verathins, but I might switch back to Col-erase. The Verathins are not very soft.